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1-D SDS-PAGE, including S-alkylation, of samples using pre-cast gels in a keratin-free environment; staining (colloidal coomassie) and Imaging: £POA.

Analysis of peptide or protein samples by MALDI-TOF-MS: £POA.

Accurate Protein Molecular Weight by ESI-MS (QTOF): £POA.

Analysis of peptide samples by nLC-MS/MS and provision of Mascot report and summary: Standard service (£POA) or Enhanced service (£POA).
Cost includes: sample processing, in-gel trypsin digestion, nanoLC ESI-MS/MS analysis (Standard service on Q-Exactive Plus or Enhanced service on Q-Exactive HF/HF-X), database searching with Proteome Discoverer using in house Mascot Server for Protein Identifications. Final Excel Report is emailed to the user or provided as hardcopy if requested.

Phosphorylation site analysis of an individual protein band by nLC-MS/MS and manual data analysis: Enquire to discuss individual needs and estimates.
Cost Includes: sample processing, in-gel trypsin digestion and peptide extraction, identification of protein(s) by nLC-MS/MS using Q-Exactive Plus ms system and data interpretation and final reporting. Excel Report of protein identifications and localisation of sites of phosphorylation are provided electronically or as hardcopy as requested.

Quantitative proteomics by SILAC, iTRAQ or Label Free: Enquire to discuss individual needs and estimates.