Targeted nLC-MS-MS

Targeted nLC-MS-MS - Inclusion Lists

When the identification of a protein or proteins are known then a targeted list can be created to direct the ms system to look for these proteins in a complex sample in order to provide a positive identification or actual confirmation. Peptide masses and charge states can be used from previous experimental runs or calculated from the protein sequence and trypsin specificity taking into account the relevant peptide charge states. Once this information is generated then a list of masses can be included in the nano LC-MS/MS method to direct the ms system in real time.  Additional information can be used to target the peptides more specifically including known peptide retention time.

The approach you use for targeting a protein or proteins in complex sample will depend on whether you require confirmation of identification or actual quantitation. FingerPrints can provide the necessary expertise to build an appropriate strategy for you. For further information please contact the facility to discuss your requirements and for a quotation.